It’s fair to say that technology has changed everything. The smartest people are even now changing how they protect their homes with the use of options like the August smart lock. Up until now, home security systems have always been basic. We’ve had no choice to rely on locks which can be picked or arcane alarms. But those days are over, and we at TechVatic, Bucks County, are here to show you why. Through the installation of various smart home security options, we can prove just how much capability you have for protecting your Bucks County home.

We offer a vast array of options for keeping your home safe. Our nest installation in Bucks County can see you controlling your fire alarms and in-house alarm from anywhere. If you want to protect your home from the outside in, though, our Bucks County installers can keep you safe with an August home smart lock.

The August lock is a sure way to prevent unwanted parties from ever gaining access. That’s because the August smart lock is an electromechanical lock which saves you from relying on keys ever again. Instead, an August home smart lock installation would enable you to control your doors with little more than your phone.

It may sound too good to be true, but this is the next step in smart home security, and our installers are dying to bring its benefits into your home. By pairing this with our winning Bucks County ring video doorbell installation, you’ll never need to open the door on an unknown intruder again. Video doorbells will allow you to view a visitor, and August locks mean that you can let them in from anywhere.

After completing our installation, our installers will talk you through downloading the August lock app so that you’re all set and ready to protect your home. This is where the main action happens, and the app has a vast array of options to help you get the best from your August lock. With this to hand, you can do everything from opening and closing your doors, to monitoring activity and accessing status updates. All this enables you to get the most from your August smart lock, even when you aren’t at home.

And, an app isn’t the only benefit your August lock can boast. They don’t call it the August smart lock for nothing, you know. This lock is so smart, in fact, that its auto-lock feature notices when you are approaching and unlocks then locks again automatically. That means no more struggling with your keys while you’re carrying the shopping. If you pair this with our video installation, you’ll even find that you can let guests and delivery personnel into the house before you arrive. Never again will a wanted visitor have to wait out in the cold! If you’re interested (and why wouldn’t you be?), contact our installers today for an August lock which will keep your home safer and smarter than it’s ever been before.