Can you really help me for $10?

Yes! We offer a unique support plan that includes unlimited remote tech support as well as technology advising.

Can you give me examples of “technology advising”?

Frequent inquiries include hardware/software purchases such as computers, phones, smart home devices. We also consult on how to implement new solutions into your existing environment. This does also include consulting regarding any technology related bills you may have questions about such as your internet service provider, anti-virus solutions, office subscriptions, etc.

What is included in “unlimited remote tech support”?

So long as your device can connect to the internet, we are able to remotely connect to your screen and assist with any issues you are having. If there is no internet connection, we can still troubleshoot to the best of our ability via a phone call. Devices we assist with include computers, laptops – both windows and apple, printers, phones, TV’s and networking nuisances such as poor WiFi performance.

How far do you travel?

We currently service up to 45 miles outside of the 18966 zip code.

Do you perform laptop / phone screen repairs?

Nope. In most cases, your money is better spent towards an upgrade rather then a repair. Read our blog to learn more!

Do you have any employees outside the United States?

Nope, we do not out source any work. All work is handled by our hand picked local engineers.