A glance at networking services TechVatic offers:

  • New WiFi Connection
    • Wireless is the way of the world! TechVatic’s experts will eliminate the pesky wires and allow for all of your devices to operate smoothly together through your WiFi.
  • Network and WiFi Connectivity Support
    • Unreliable internet service can be a headache of the past with TechVatic! We will help your WiFI network reach its full potential while boosting speed, stability, and connectivity with your devices.
  • WiFi Signal Extender
    • Your WiFi provider might not have told you that just having WiFi does not guarantee it will reach throughout your home. TechVatic can help with that! We will install a WiFi signal extension that allows you to get the most range out of your wireless.
  • Network Security & Optimization
    • Today more than ever, we all must be cautious and aware of our internet surroundings. Cybercrime is a present threat that can be combatted with the right team – our team. We offer Network Security & Optimization services that eliminate the risk and uncertainty by providing a safe and secure network. We help you distinguish and eradicate threats to your network and set you up with all the software and information you need to operate safely in the cyber world.